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Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color

Hot Huez, a temporary hair color product, is popular with teenagers and young adults. It’s a hair chalk product that comes in a compact. In order to use it, you close the compact over the strand of hair you want colored, run it over the hair until the color is the correct intensity.It’s a temporary coloring solution that can be removed with regular washing, making it popular for anyone who wants to try a different color for a day. However, before purchasing, it’s important to know the details about the product and what customers have to say about this hair chalk. Read these Hot Huez reviews to get a clear and unbiased opinion.


Each order comes with four basic colors. There is fiery fuchsia, electric blue, neon green, and hot pink. Stylists recommend starting with these basic colors on their own and then mixing to create increased depth and variety of color. These basic colors can stand alone, but can also be layered or used on the same strand to create a tie-dyed effect. This is a favorite styling option with many people, who want to have multiple options with their hair chalk.


When using this product, the biggest advantage that users mention is that it is convenient to apply and wash out. Even hair dyes which wash out quickly aren’t as convenient as Hot Huez hair chalk. It doesn’t require a lot of prep work and can be applied to all hair colors safely. What most people like also is that it can be used to turn a day look into an evening party look. Using the compact, they can apply some fun color and head out to a party with friends. The next day after a shower, their hair will be back to normal with no one the wiser.

Another advantage that made people choose Hot Huez over other brands of hair chalk was the applicator. Hair chalk can be messy and get over clothes and the floor when applied. This brand comes in a convenient applicator which minimizes the mess and also keeps the chalk from getting on your finger. Even customers who didn’t like the product overall mentioned this as a definite advantage.

It’s easy to apply the color where needed. When coloring strands and especially when using multiple colors at the same time, it’s easy to mix two colors together unintentionally. The compacts are designed to put the color exactly where it is wanted. This cuts down on mistakes and re-dos.

Finally, customers loved the idea of chalk. The chalk is simple and non-toxic. Coloring strands did not require aerosols or any harsh chemicals and people who had sensitive scalps mentioned this as a definite advantage. Chalk is a very gentle material and can be used by people who may be sensitive to dyes or other styling products.

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Although this was a favorite, there were some disadvantages mentioned in most Hot Huez reviews. Customers wanted a larger variety of color. While it is possible to layer the four colors, there are only so many combinations possible. In suggestions for improvement, the overwhelming majority of people who used the hair chalk requested a greater variety of colors available for purchase. Hot Huez could definitely increase customer satisfaction by branching out into other areas of color.

Another complaint was that customers found coloring hair to take a long time. The applicator is designed for coloring specific strands of hair and adding accent colors. It does not work very well when you want to color larger areas and can take much longer when you do this. People mentioned that hair chalk wasn’t great for adding a large amount of color and this is primarily due to the design of the product. The applicators were not created with the idea of coloring the entire hair and do not work well for this.


When purchasing Hot Huez hair chalk from the official website, customers do get several free bonus products such as beaded ponytail bands and a carrying case for the applicators. This was not a reason why customers chose Hot Huez, but mentioned that they liked getting them with the product.

Many of the customers who reviewed the product were moms who had bought the hair chalk for their teenage daughters. They loved the fact that it was not permanent and felt much better about letting their younger children use it as a safer alternative to colored hair sprays or liquid hair dyes, they mentioned using the hair chalk at parties and sleepovers, and enjoyed the versatility.


These are some of the most prevalent opinions compiled from Hot Huez reviews. While it’s not a perfect product, its rated very highly with customers who enjoyed the convenience of the hair chalk.

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Hot Hues Hair Chalk – A Step By Step Guide


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One of the biggest trends to come from the Spring runway season was not just clothing, it was also pastel-colored hair. Since pastels are one of the hottest summer wardrobe essentials, it’s easy to see how this trend carried over into hair as well. Pastel hair was used in the stylings of designers such as Thakoon and Narciso Rodriguez, known for their signature and distinctive style.


This trend moved down from the runway to mainstream fashion and has been around for months. It’s a fun way to try new risks and many girls and women who want a break from their traditional hair color are giving this new look a try. Hot Hues hair chalk is an easy way to make a statement on Friday night and then back to work on Monday with the same classic locks. The impermanence of this trend is probably why it’s sticking around. Many companies sell kits for hair chalking and it’s easy to do at home.


Chalking is fairly messy, especially for beginners. Always put down a towel or cloth to catch any chalk that falls on the floor and wear a robe while chalking. This will cut down on the amount of chalk that ends up on clothes later. It’s also a good idea to wear clothing that is similar in color to the hair chalk. Chalk does fall off during the day and it’s much less noticeable if it’s a similar color to clothing.


While hair chalking isn’t permanent, it’s always a good idea to know the best way to apply the color. When choosing to use hair chalk, choose a strand of hair and then twist while applying chalk. The texture created from the twisting hair makes the chalk release more pigment, giving a brighter color.

After chalking each strand, it’s important to brush out the hair. While most of the chalk will stick to the hair, some small chunks or powder can fall out immediately after doing this. By brushing out the hair, this ensure that it doesn’t get on clothing later on.


Chalking technique varies differently depending on hair color. Natural blonds should not wet their hair before using the chalk. This will make the chalk stain their light hair and it will become semi-permanent which is not only embarrassing, will also require a salon visit to remove.

If a mistake is made, the hair chalk will stick around for a few washes but eventually fade on its own. For anyone who wants their hair color to stay around a little longer, adding water will achieve this.

For brunettes and redheads, it’s actually recommended to use water. Darker hair needs more pigment in order for the color to show up. Add water and then double the pigment, especially for anyone who has especially dark hair. Mist the strands using a spray bottle and then add the chalk. The chalk won’t stain darker hair so water is safe to use when the dye needs to go away the next time.


While it’s always a good idea to start with one color, after the essentials are mastered, consider branching out and combining colors. Doing two colors on one-strand is always fun and gives the appearance of tie-dyed hair. When using two colors, be sure that they don’t mix. Complimentary colors look great side by side, but when mixed, tend to form an ugly brown or grey color. It may be necessary to practice a few times in order to get this right.


Chalking can be done with hair that’s left down, but is especially fun with an updo. It’s actually ideal to style hair that has been chalked as this will cut down on the amount of chalk that gets on the outfit. The runway models featured chalked hair in top-knots, buns, and side-braids. A splash of color can bring the right hair style to the next level, so being adventurous is always a good idea.


While hair chalking is a fun trend today, it can be damaging if done too often. The powder pigment actually dries up the natural moisture of the hair. Use it sparingly and save for nights out with friends or special occasions. After you’re getting ready to wash out the hair chalk, brush your hair first with a soft, natural brush.This should remove as much pigment as possible. Then shampoo using a clarifying shampoo.

Most hair chalks contain a natural ingredient gum arabic that helps the chalk stick to the hair. It’s a safe product, but a clarifying shampoo will remove it easily. Finally, be sure to use a conditioner. This is a must even if you don’t normally condition in order to replenish any moisture lost.


Hot Hues Hair Chalk is one of the hottest new trends out there today. It’s a fun way to try something new and this non-permanent hair coloring option is enjoyed by people of all ages!

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Hair Chalking Dark Hair – What Are The Best Methods?

Hair chalking is the newest coloring method replacing dying. The advantage of hair chalking is that it does not stay long on your hair like the other types of coloring. There are different types of hair chalking so it’s good to know which type of hair color works for your hair. In the following article, we will look at the best hair chalking methods for dark hair. What


A soft pastel chalk, which always easily accessible from beauty shops and stores.
A spraying bottle. You may take a used water bottle with a nozzle
Rubber gloves. You will need them to protect yourself from the dirt that comes with this process.


Before you start, wear an old rag or piece of clothing. This is because the chalking may leave stains on your clothes hence you don’t want risk that.

To avoid permanence of the chalk on your hair, spray only the part of the hair which you wish to chalk. This is because the chalk particles when they come into contact with water tend to take a longer time on your hair than usual.

During the chalking, make a habit of twisting the hair to make the chalk pigments enter into the inner parts of your hair.
After the process, give the hair time to dry. This is to ensure that the color does not rub on your clothes hence staining them.

To make the chalk be strong in your hair, straighten it using the curling iron long after the hair has already dried up.


Do not use oil pastels as they tend to stick on the hair more hence harder to remove.

After hair chalking, don clothes with similar color to the hair since the pigments will be rubbing your clothes when walking.

After you have had enough, brush your hair before you hit the bath room so that the hair will lose most of the chalk.
The chalk will have absorbed a lot of moisture from your hair hence to replenish it, use a moisturizing shampoo.


Blonde hair

This type of hair is tricky in chalking because during the wetting process, its advisable that you chalk it when dry to avoid the chalk staying longer on your hair.

Wear matching clothes in order to look good in order not to clash your colors. A taboo color to chalk with your blonde hair is yellow since it does not match well with the color of your hair.

Red hair

Red type of hair works very well with light colors blue, green and yellow. Apply a slightly thin type of chalk layer to make sure when you want to remove the chalk it will be an easy process.

For the best results, twist the hair while coloring it and also consider straightening using an iron curl. This will give your hair a wave like appearance. Also you may consider dry chalking as this prevents long term stains on your hair.

Dark brown hair

Chalking of dark brown hair requires brighter colors such as pink, fortune green, magenta and blue but the pink and magenta is the most outstanding. Follow the usual procedure of watering only the parts of your that you want to color and wearing clothes which match up with the color of your hair. Watering your hair makes it absorb the chalk color more strongly hence giving you better results.

Black hair chalking

Red and blue work well with black hair. Its procedure is that you must straighten it first before chalking so that it can be softer. This will make the chalk stick faster. After hair conditioner after chalking after the chalking since black hair chalking removes a lot moisture from your hair.


For teens and adults likewise, hair chalking is the hottest trend to rock at the moment. The advantage with hair chalking is that it allows you to change the color of your hair whenever you feel like it since it does not stick to your hair like dye or henna. So there you have it. Go out there and rock the best color which suits the color of your hair.